December 8, 2014

Monday Musing

Here we are facing yet another Monday. While it is easy to get in a funk over the weekend ending and the start of another work week, it is always good to think of Mondays with a fresh persepctive. It is the start of a new week, a clean slate for the next seven days. While we may be a bit tired and not overjoyed to jump out of bed this morning, we should be thankful to be healthy and able to enjoy the day. For today's Monday Musing, we wanted to start off the week on a lighthearted note.

With the holidays around the corner, it is easy to get stressed out over the end-of-year rush, planning holiday travel or family time. However, try to use this time to reflect on the positives of the past year, be present in this moment with your friends and family, and prepare for an exciting and impactful future.

Enjoy some of our favorite pictures, stories and sayings to start this week off right!

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Isn't this adorable? When the cold weather rolls in sometimes all we feel like doing is sitting on the couch under the blanket. Many see the approaching New Year as a time to focus more on a healthy lifestyle. While living and eating healthy is important, sometimes we all just need to sit back and relax. Don't let the busy end-of-year stress get ya down. And when it does, a nice workout is a great way to relive some stress!

WARNING: Tear-jerker! This story of Butch, the Boston Terrier may bring tears to your eyes, but it is worth the read. This sweet pup never really had a chance in life until a few kind humans rescued him. His time on Earth was short-lived, but his last days were not without a few puppy favorites. His inspiring and heart warming story is a great reminder to us all to put things in perspective. We are very blessed to have the things that we have, and there are many that are not as lucky. Don't take for granted the best, most simple parts of life.

Because, Monday.

Have a great week!

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