Katie + Julie

Katie and Julie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2014. North Carolina natives, these two met in college, joined the same sorority, became PR majors at UNC's School of Journalism and decided to head south together to Birmingham, Alabama after graduation.

Katie is...

a blonde. a travel enthusiast. a night owl. satisfied by cold beer. thrives off of adventure. a sports marketing chick.

Katie loves...

a back deck filled with friends. pugs. Tar Heel sports. Grey's Anatomy.

Instagram: @kljernigan08

Julie is...

a brunette. a grammar nerd. an early bird. a wino. inspired by the coast. a marketing and advertising girl at Southern Living.

Julie loves...

weddings. the colors cream + white. yoga on Saturdays. Southern literature.

Instagram: @julieemayo

What's in our cup?

Katie likes a breakfast blend with a little sugar and a dollop or two of cream. Julie likes a dark roast with organic half & half and a little sugar.

For collaborations or media inquiries, contact us at acupofcarolina@gmail.com.

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