January 21, 2015

In Our Kitchen: Breakfast Acai Bowls

Both Katie and I are big breakfast people. Of course we have to start with a cup of coffee, or two,  but we always make time for a healthy meal to start the day. It's necessary when you're working all day!

Lately, I've been loving making my own "smoothie" bowls full of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. Although I often resort to scrambled eggs in the morning, these smoothie bowls really do make starting the day a little bit brighter (maybe it's just the bright colors that make me happy...it's the little things when you're waking up bright and early!). After the holidays, and all the rich breakfast foods you might have partaken in...maybe those extra pieces of bacon or cinnamon rolls are coming to mind, this is a great way to start of your year on a more nutritious start.

Today we have a recipe that we're both swooning over. It includes Acai berries + hemp seeds, which I've been trying to incorporate in my diet. For an extra boost, I like that the recipe includes protein powder - it saves me from feeling hungry for lunch circa 10 am!


4 packs frozen Acai berry puree
2 cups coconut water
2 bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tbsp hemp protein powder

1 cup granola
2 handfuls fresh berries
4 tbsp hemp seeds


Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until thick and creamy. Add more milk if you prefer.

Pour the blend into two bowls, top with granola, berries and hemp seeds and serve immediately!

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