August 28, 2014

10 Tips for Sorority Recruitment

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Here we go, it's the last installment of our mini-series on sorority recruitment. We know many schools are on the eve of recruitment week, so we want to offer our advice for anyone going through this year! We wish you all the best! (And secretly wish we could go back to being in your shoes).

1. Stay positive.
No matter what, keep a positive attitude. How you present yourself and what you're feeling really shines through when you are talking to chapter members.

2. Reach out to others in your recruitment group.
Make friends with the other girls who are going house-to-house with you. It will make the experience a lot more easy-going, and you may just make a best friend you'll hang out with throughout college. (The sweet friend I made in my recruitment group ended up being my junior year sorority house roommate!)

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Your recruitment counselor is there to guide you. If you have questions, ask. Recruitment counselors, as well as the Panhellenic community, are there to support you throughout the process.

4. Keep a notepad handy.
After each round, it may be a good idea to jot down some notes about things you liked about each house or what you found memorable, who you talked to, etc. Especially during first and second round, it's helpful to have some notes so you remember each one!

5. Have an "emergency kit."
Keep an extra pair of shoes, as well as mints, a hairbrush and makeup in your bag. You'll thank yourself later when you're walking from house to house in the sun (or in the rain in some cases!).

6. Don't over-think it.
It's easy to just say "be yourself," but you really don't want to go through recruitment stressed about how you should act or what you should say. You want to spend college surrounded by people who make you feel comfortable, so go into each round as your natural self and you will find those people!

7. Trust yourself.
Focus on what YOU liked about each sorority, instead of listening to others' opinions. Recruitment is personal, so make sure you are staying true to what you think deep down after every round. Your instincts are usually right, y'all.

8. Call a friend.
Sometimes it helps to share with someone (other than maybe your mom) who has been through recruitment before, or maybe is an old friend who can just listen. Call someone who doesn't go to the same school who can listen to how you feel about each house. Just talking it through to someone who's separated from your school's recruitment is often helpful in solidifying your thoughts and feelings.

9. Take a deep breath.
It isn't a lie when people tell you that you end up where you are supposed to be. It does work out despite any bumps in the road along the way! Yes, everything happens for a reason.

10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!
Recruitment is for you! Chapter members have spent hours practicing skits, dances and songs for you to enjoy them. It's okay to laugh and smile and show that you're having fun. They want you to!

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