August 22, 2014

Fashion Friday: Sorority Fashion

For today's Fashion Friday post, we continue our mini-series on sorority life with a brief overview on sorority fashion for recruitment. While many sororities have already gone through their recruitment process, there are still many that are about to begin here soon. Some of you may not know that part of the recruitment process does weigh on presentation. This means for each round you want to have a nice, polished look - also because looking your best will help you be the most confident! We have a few of our own tips for dressing your best each round.

Round One: Open House

Open House round is a whirlwind of a day, and you'll get a chance to meet a lot of girls over just a few hours. This round is the most casual, as sorority members will most likely be dancing and cheering to welcome you into their house. Make sure you wear shoes and clothes that you feel comfortable in getting up and down off the floor. Shorts are the most popular option - we love prints because they will make you stand out. Choose fabrics that will breathe as well, since you will be walking from house to house (in most likely, the heat). Keep your accessories simple and not too overdone because you'll want to glam it up for the other rounds! More than anything, choose an outfit that you feel confident in for the first day!

Round Two: Skit Round

Skit round is a blast! If your recruitment is anything like UNC's, you will be watching a skit and spending a little more time at the house talking to members. Show off your personality in this round - find pieces that could be conversation starters and have fun with it. We love the idea of a romper for this round, since you can dress it up a little bit but still be comfortable if you have to sit on the floor. This is a great round to personalize your outfit with colorful accessories and dress up your sandals. Think high/low for this round - mix in casual with dressier accessories or shoes.

Round Three: House Tours

House Tours is one of our favorite rounds. Every school is different, but at UNC you will get to tour up to five houses and learn more about their socials and philanthropy. This round is typically dressier than the previous round. You want to look for a nice dress that you may wear to church or a nice dinner. There may be times where you sit in a chair or even on the floor, so make sure your dress is an appropriate length. Style the dress with either big earrings and a simple necklace or vice-versa. For shoes, we would suggest something like a comfortable wedge heel. Remember you may still be walking a lot, so pack flats to save your feet!

Round Four: Preference Night 

Preference Night is the final round of recruitment before Bid Day. This is the most serious of all of the nights and you will spend your time talking to only one-two members per house. A good rule of thumb for an outfit is to find a dress you might wear to formal church or a wedding reception. Don't be afraid to choose a color other than black! Accessorize with a bangle or bracelet, nice earrings and simple pumps.

All in all, choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. Each round gets a little bit dressier, but you want to chose brands, colors, styles that best compliment who you are and show your personality! One of the most important parts of recruitment is to find a house that is the best match for you!

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  1. I love this post. I was a Recruitment Director for Panhellenic and I saw my fair share of outfit monstrosities that girls wore! I definitely advise to wear flats or really comfy wedges because there is a lot of walking to be done!