August 30, 2014

Best Brunches

I have a confession to make. I am OBSESSED with brunch. I literally will jump at any invitation to attend a brunch, go out for brunch or even host one of my own. In college I was always determined to have at least one weekend where my roommates and I would cook before a football game. That time was always my favorite and usually resulted in me shoo-ing them out of the kitchen so I could prepare everything just how I wanted - told you I was obsessed.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite brunch items. I love many of the classic options, but also pulled a few you may not have tried yet. Click the images for recipes! Don't see your favorite on here? Share it with us in the comments below!

Mimosas: Bubbly is a must for a brunch, and this mimosa bar has all the juices you need. A group of
my college friends and I did this for our moms on our graduation day, which also happened to be Mother's Day.

Bloody Mary: Another great compliment to brunch is a Bloody Mary. This one with bacon and shrimp takes the cake.

Fruit Granola Parfait: Parfait makes a great, slightly healthier brunch option. I love how everyone can choose their own fruit and yogurt combo!

Eggs Benedict: Julie's favorite! I love any brunch option with eggs, but Julie always goes for the Eggs Benedict.

Tomato Avocado Melts: Looks delicious, right? It is. Adding tomato and avocado to your brunch selection is both tasty and healthy. Try it next time, it won't disappoint!

Nutella French Toast: With all of the savory, I had to pick a sweet option. I love French Toast, but when you add Nutella it is out of this world!

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