August 29, 2014

Tailgate Fashion

Tailgate season is finally upon us! It is something about football and tailgate time that makes the season of fall just that much sweeter. We love how as the days grow shorter and the temperatures sink lower the printed shorts and skirts transition to leggings and jeans, sandals change to boots, and tanks turn to sweaters. Fall fashion is without a doubt a favorite of ours to shop for, and planning the perfect outfit for Saturday's game day is always a top priority.

One of the best things about football season, especially in the south, is that each month can bring about a different wardrobe style. Hopefully your team will be playing into December (or January) and you can even incorporate your favorite outerwear into your wardrobe. To kickoff this season, we've pulled together a few of our favorite styles for each month of the beloved tailgate season. We hope you will all enjoy tailgating in style this season, as for us, we'll be yelling Go Heels!

September: Likely still a bit warm this month, so we chose a cute dress complimented with bold
earrings and bangles and sandals.
October: The weather may be cooling down a bit this month. It's finally time to pull out your favorite riding boots and a lightweight sweater!

November: Just because its cooler out doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your favorite styles. Pull out your favorite wool skirt with tights and a heavier sweater. Pair with your favorite scarf in your team's colors!

December: Outerwear time! Keep yourself warm with your best peacoat and your best pair of denim. Your riding boots will look great and a winter scarf can bring in your team's colors!

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