August 23, 2014

Who We Follow

Happy Saturday, friends! We hope you are all having a great weekend, and enjoying the end of summer! Today we wanted to share a little about some of the accounts we can't go a day without. We've got our favorite bloggers, Instagramers and Tweeters here on one page so that you too can experience some of our favorites. Take a look at the ones we love and let us know your favorites!

Julie's Favorites: Camille Styles | Look Linger Love | Dallas Wardrobe
It was so difficult for me to narrow down my favorite bloggers down to three. Trust me, I have a pretty lengthy list of blogs that I love and read daily. My Southern bloggers, however, take the cake (currently). I love Camille Style's features on everything from beauty to entertaining to lifestyle. The blogger behind Look Linger Love, Chassity Evans, is a Charleston stylist and mom - I can't get enough of her timeless, lowcountry style and mommy posts. Dallas Wardrobe is another who's closet I would love to raid - she's always dressing feminine and classic.

Katie's Favorites: The EveryGirl | Happily Grey | The Football Girl 
I love all of these blogs for various reasons. They have great tips and tricks for living life, style tips and my daily dose of  sports. The EveryGirl always has great advice, I dream of Happily Grey's style and The Football Girl balances out my day with some football talk. 

Julie's Favorites: Love and Lemons | Yoga Girl | Gadabout
Love and Lemons is a favorite food blogger of mine, and each one of her photos makes me want to go out and make whatever she's cooking. Her recipes are always based on what's in season, and her food styling is just incredible. For inspiration, I love Yoga Girl's posts on strength and challenging your body. Another thing I love? The tropical locations she's always in, practicing and teaching yoga.
Hanna Seabrook (Gadabout), a creative designer and graphic designer based out of Kentucky, also has some of my favorite Instagram posts. Her style is so clean and airy, and I love her perspective on finding beauty in her everyday surroundings.

Okay, so the first one probably comes as no surprise. I love checking my Instagram feed to find adorable pictures of pugs (I also follow Boston Terriers of Instagram). Travel and Leisure is another favorite because it is a constant fuel to my wanderlust fire. When the travel bug bits... there is no cure. Finally, I highly recommend following Murad Osmann. He takes some of the most amazing, breathtaking photos using the hashtag #followmeto. He is always holding his wife's hand and the photo is taken from his perspective with a phenomenal backdrop. 

Julie's Favorites: @theSkimm + @AP | @AdWeek@thewordoftheday
Although I'm not a huge Twitter fanatic, I do enjoy using Twitter as a news source. The Skimm is actually a daily email newsletter that combines news fact with editorial content, and their Twitter is full of news tidbits and fun photos. The Associated Press (@AP) is yet another news source with more breaking news content and hard facts. Ad Week's Twitter is also a great source of news, yet it targets marketers, media and agencies. Being in the advertising business, this is a must read for me as I can keep up with ad trends and successful campaigns. Word of the Day is just a fun one that expands my vocabulary knowledge (sorry, grammar nerd).

So I may have just given away my secret use for Twitter - mostly sports. I do follow news outlets and enjoy their tweets, but when looking back through my feed these were the accounts I favorited and retweeted the most. What can I say, UNC is a place that gets in your blood and stays forever and being from North Carolina the Carolina Panthers are an obvious choice. Also, Adam Lucas writes the best Tar Heel articles out there, like this one or this one that both bring me to tears every time.  If you follow me on Twitter, I apologize in advance for my excessive retweeting as football season begins. 

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