November 20, 2014

10 Tips: Holiday Gift Card Etiquette

As Thanksgiving is next week (can you believe it?!), we've been thinking ahead to holiday cards and the snail mail rush that is this season. We've combined some of the things that are important to us when thinking about sending Christmas cards. We hope these 10 tips will come in handy as your prepare for the post office!

1. Mail your cards out as early as possible, but wait until after Thanksgiving Day.

Although you might already have your Christmas tree up, you shouldn't have already mailed out your Christmas cards. Thanksgiving deserves its own special time to celebrate. It's best to receive cards mid-December, but also be sure yours are shipped in time so they don't arrive after Christmas day!

2. Think about the recipient. 

Personalize your card when possible - add a little note on the back with their name. No need to include a long newsletter this day in age, but little details go a long way!

3. Don't include business cards. 

Sending Christmas cards shouldn't have a business purpose - they should be sent to show care and good wishes for your friends and family. It's not the time or place to push your career goals - you'll make a better impression if you send one just for thoughtfulness! However, if you are sending cards to colleagues (which we do encourage!), make sure you keep them professional.

4. Add a photo. 

Although we do love some cards that you can go out and buy in a store, it's always nice to include a photo. I know we love seeing faces more than a generic stock photo that anyone can buy! Our top picks for photo cards: Minted + tinyprints+ Shutterfly + Paperless Post + Etsy!

5. Use coupon codes.

If you order your cards online, make sure to search coupon codes or wait for weekend promotions. Cyber Monday may be worth the wait to score a high percentage off your order. Also, check Groupon and Living Social early - often they have deals on photo cards that will save you a good deal!

6. Find a design that fits your personality.

Holiday cards don't have to be chore, they can be fun. Some of our favorite cards this year are the ones with pretty calligraphy font and gold foil designs. Here are a few (non-photo!) cards we adore:



7. Test out your design abilities. 

To really impress, try using Photoshop or Indesign to create a custom invitation. You can easily upload your design on a card website like Shutterfly - which can print your design on nice cardstock and mail you matching envelopes.

8. Choose a meaningful quote or saying. 

Include your favorite Christmas saying or verse to get you in the spirit - you'll want to hang it up on your refrigerator right?

9. Don't send e-cards to substitute for real ones.

We are firm believers in the power of receiving a card in the mail, and you just don't get the same feeling from opening a card in your inbox. Real cards really do evoke that winter cheer!

10. Remember: return address!

Be sure to include a return address on your envelope. Especially if you have changed addresses (or states, like us!), it is important to have a return address. If your friends or family haven't sent cards already or want to send mail to you in the future, this will make it easier for them to record the right address for you.


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