November 12, 2014

Winter Wishlist

Yes, we know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but Katie and I are already in the Christmas spirit. It's been nothing about hustle and bustle for both of us at work (as you can imagine, Southern Living's busiest time of year is NOW and Katie has many sports events coming up), but we are both excited to go home and spend the holidays with our families. We apologize for taking a little hiatus from the blog the past week - as I said, we are feeling the end-of-year rush! But we're back this week with some items on our holiday wishlist. (Yes, mommas this is only a WISH list if you're reading this).

Julie's Wishlist


Items not listed: Calligraphy set + any sweater/home item from Anthropologie!

Katie's Wishlist

wishlist 2

Items not listed: Gift cards + monogrammed stationary!

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