November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Entertaining Style

Tomorrow marks the day we will finally be sitting down with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving! Both of us are traveling back to North Carolina, and we couldn't be happier to have a time of rest with those we love. Katie and I have been thinking about how we would imagine setting our own Thanksgiving table, and we came up with two options. We pulled items from all over some of our favorite home stores, and there are even a couple things from Target that we adore. All the gold would absolutely liven up your holiday place setting, however the blue and brown tones of the more rustic style is right up our alley.

We would love to hear - which style do you like better? Comment and let us know!

Gold + Glam

thanksgiving 1

Charming + Rustic 

Untitled #8

To find out where you can buy the items, click on the small photos!

For Thanksgiving table manners, read this modern guide to Turkey Day etiquette. It's a pretty cohesive list of everything you may need to know tomorrow, so get reading!

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