November 6, 2014

Iconic Southern Inn Celebrates 90th Birthday

Katie and Julie at their senior ADPi Parent's Cocktail
Held annually at The Carolina Inn
**Note: This article was originally run on The Daily South, a part of Southern Living online. We are so excited Julie was featured on such an wonderful blog promoting Southern culture. Read below for her latest piece on a place we love and cherish, The Carolina Inn. You can find the original article here

There’s a reason why James Taylor is gone to Carolina in his mind. As a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alum, I like to think James Taylor reflects on all the hidden (and not so hidden) gems tucked within UNC’s campus that make Chapel Hill what it is.

One of those gems is the “Haven on the Hill” – the iconic and beloved Carolina Inn. Dating back to 1924, the inn is a place where North Carolina memory and legacy thrive. Today, the Carolina Inn celebrates its 90th birthday with a three-course dinner inspired by the restaurant’s favorite dishes over the past decades, including Cheerwine Braised Short Rib, a true North Carolina specialty. Through December, the inn will continue celebrating its anniversary with special dinners, featuring beloved guest dishes and Executive Chef James Clark’s seasonal creations.

When you walk into the colonial-revival style inn modeled after Mount Vernon, Southern hospitality exudes. Glass cases display some of the hotel’s exclusive old china, portraits of students that go back to the 18th century align the walls, and elegant guest corridors honoring famous Tar Heels transport you to a bygone era. Take a peek into the inn’s ballroom, where Andy Griffith made one of his first public performances. Or, laugh at some of the university’s newspaper cartoons reflecting events back to the 1940s that adorn the inn’s bar.

You’ll also notice modern influences, like the pops of color and contemporary fabrics in the lobby, nestled among old-fashioned charm. That’s just a tiny hint of the $19 million renovation last year when seemingly every room in the inn saw major updates. But don’t worry, the four poster beds and university memorabilia are here to stay. Whether you’re at the inn for an event or just a weekend getaway, you’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of this Chapel Hill landmark.

Even though we can all agree that the South is a die-hard football region, the Carolina Inn is the hot spot when it comes to watching hoops. With the start of basketball season just around the corner, scoring a reservation at the Carolina Inn is a slam dunk. Even if you don’t bleed Carolina blue, a night at the inn can provide any out-of-towner with a relaxing, Southern retreat.

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