November 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Greece

Happy Tuesday! For today’s travel Tuesday, we are taking a look at some of my favorite Greek islands and cities. Greece as a part of my Summer of 2012 excursion, and I feel in love with the ancient history, the exciting nightlife and of course the gyros. I only had a few days to explore as much as a could of the area, but my friends and I were definitely able to pack a lot in during a short amount of time. While I certainly would like to go back and see some of the other areas, I did have the chance to experience some of the best spots. Check out some of my favorite highlights in Greece:


Acropolis | Shopping | Dining

Athens is full of astounding history and some of the oldest structures in the world. There are several neighboring areas with cute family owned shops and restaurants. Greek food is some of my favorite, so any of the local restaurants are sure to impress. Our ship was ported in Piraeus, so we spent an evening out at O/Connells. 

Saronic Islands:

Shopping | Beach | Donkeys |

We rode by ferry to the islands of Porous, Hydra, and Aegean. Here you can find actual sand beaches and several cute local shops. Take time to visit with the donkeys or relax in the sun. 


Paradise Beach | ATVs | late-night gyros | Paraga Beach

Mykonos is the prime spot for Greek nightlife. The area is full of young folks who will stay out until the sun rises. There are usually cool performers/DJs at Paradise Beach. Some enjoy exploring the area through ATVs or walking the cobblestone paths and spending time in the local shops.

To Eat:

Souvlaki|Greek Salad|Saganaki|Tzatziki|Mythos Beer

The food is delicious. Literally you could eat your way through Greece if needed.

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  1. I went to Greece for my senior class trip in high school and fell in love! I can't wait to go back!