November 27, 2014

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday spending time with family and filling your bellies with turkey and pie galore. Every year that passes by we feel that we have even more to be thankful for. Before we head to the kitchen to help cook the big meal, we wanted to stop and reflect on a few things that are filling our hearts with gratitude today.


Close, meaningful friendships despite distance. Graduating and moving away was by no means easy, but having friends who encouraged me along the way has been such a blessing. Watching my friends pursue their goals is also something I'm thankful for - their persistence and hard work keeps me going every day.

Working toward a healthy lifestyle. The little lifestyle changes I've made this year to make time for myself, eat healthier and exercise diligently throughout the week has made such a difference. I'm thankful for my brother, who continues to teach me how to live healthier, cook with natural ingredients and really think about what I'm putting into my body.

A workplace that inspires me daily. I'm thankful for the people who surround me at work, and their diligence to publish what's at the heart of our mission. Work has become a home away from home for me in many ways, and I love the friendly and welcoming nature of the brand I work for.

My dad. His strength and determination the past year has been an incredible example for me to follow. I admire his passion for pursuing his dreams and working toward his business and personal goals at this point in his life. His drive continues to blow me away.


My grandmother, "Mema." She is home recovering from open heart surgery last week. While these unfortunate circumstances brought us all back to NC this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for her team of talented and hard-working doctors and nurses. I am also blessed to be able to have our family home together to enjoy the holidays and surround her with love during her recovery.

A job I love. I got lucky, really lucky, to find such an incredible and fun group of people to work with in such an exciting field. It is difficult to find a job you truly love and work for people that you truly enjoy spending everyday with. I am so thankful to have found Knight Eady Sports Group so early in my professional career and to love going in to work every day.

The opportunity to attend and graduate from the University of North Carolina. Maybe I'm a little too proud of my university, and I can think of others who would use this time to throw in a quick jab about our recent scandal, but I am truly blessed to have received an education from the first public institution. UNC-Chapel Hill taught me more than just what was included in my course curriculum. I discovered my passions, found life-long friends and met many inspiring, hard-working people who are and will continue to change the world for the better. It's a privilege to be a Tar Heel.

Good health. I don't think I thank God enough for keeping me healthy and safe. There are still so many in our world who don't have access to proper healthcare, who live in war-zones, or don't have somewhere to sleep at night. I am SO blessed to live the life I live.

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