November 29, 2014

Weekend Links We Love, Christmas Edition

Today we have another round-up of some of our favorite links on the web this week! But today's version is a little different because it's all about gearing up for one of the best (if not the best!) months of the year. Sit back and enjoy this holiday weekend with nothing better to do then browse the Internet, snuggle up by the fireplace, watch football games and eat lots and lots of leftover turkey and pumpkin pie. (At least that's what we'll be doing!)

via Sequins & Stripes

1. Holiday Cocktail Recipe 

This cozy, cinnamon cherry recipe is one that we're swooning over. How delicious would that be to serve up at one of your upcoming holiday parties?

2. Mary Did You Know?

If you haven't already seen this music video from Pentatonix, sit a spell with us and watch it now. We squealed with Christmas excitement after watching this, trust us. Check out their version of Carol of the Bells too!

3. How To Decorate The Perfect Tree

Jillian Harris shares her tips and tricks for how she decorates her tree. Her colorful approach sure is gorgeous!

4. Weekend Holiday Getaways

From Atlanta to Seattle, Travel + Leisure's guides will help you plan the perfect weekend trip if you're looking to spend a couple days traveling next month!

5. A Sign & Stamp Social 

We love this slideshow of a Christmas card addressing party. (Also included: a Moscow Mule recipe!)

6. Chalkboard Packaging

Black craft paper + white paint market = perfection in the form of creative gift wrapping.

7. Festive Fairy Lights

Light up your hallway or windows with a soft glow - here are a few ways to create a warm welcome with a strand of lights or two.

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