October 31, 2014

Fashion Friday: Pumpkin Style

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday, we asked our followers, friends and family to send us their best pumpkin creations this Halloween season. WOW - there is an overflowing amount of talent in the pumpkin carving business. Check out these awesome pumpkin masterpieces! If you haven't carved your pumpkin already, maybe this will serve as some inspiration. Might I suggest the "pumpkin cooler." **Check back for updates throughout the day!

Panthers and Michael Jordan themed pumpkins, from our friend Taylor!

Melissa's "The Lorax" pumpkin is adorable!
Caroline's Minion Pumpkin, how cute!
Savannah and Ben carved a classic Jack-o'-lantern
A closer look at Savannah and Ben's Jack-O'-Lantern

Mary Hannah's "Pack-O'-Lantern" for the NC State fans
A Boston Terrier inspired pumpkin by Katie's sister, Julie
The inspiration for the Boston Terrier pumpkin
A cooler pumpkin by Belma and her Dad - resourceful and spirited, literally!

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