October 15, 2014

Craft Day - Accent Letters

Last weekend Julie and I were in search of a simple fun craft we could make to accent our living room. Our handmade wreath looks great above our couch, but we wanted something to accent the wall space on either side of the wreath. After much thought, we settled on each of our first initials. The entire craft was easy, and besides a little super glue on some fingers, relatively painless! Here's how we made these easy sparkly accent letters.

Letters - we used the large letters from Michael's
Spray Paint in color of your choice
Clear spray paint sealant
Painter's Tape
Modge Podge
Super Glue


  1. Lay letters on old sheet or newspaper. Spray paint completely. Use light strokes to lay an even layer of paint. 
  2. Let dry completely
  3. Lay painter's tape across letter at angle of your choice.
  4. Modge podge lower half of the letter where the glitter will go
  5. Pour glitter over modge podge portion
  6. Shake letter to remove excess glitter
  7. Let dry
  8. Spray letter again with clear sealant - especially glitter portion
  9. Let dry
  10. Measure ribbon to length of choice for hanging
  11. Super glue ribbon to back of the letter
  12. Hang on nail on the wall

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