October 13, 2014

Why We Race for the Cure

If you saw our Instagram on Saturday then you saw that we participated in the Race for the Cure here in Birmingham. WOW! This was our first 5K here in the Magic City and we were both so impressed with the race and the turn-out. The fountains were turned pink, the city was covered with runners dressed in their best pink attire and so many businesses and organizations joined in running for a fabulous cause. Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women, and most of us either know someone close to us who has been affected by this terrible disease. Today's Monday Musing is in honor and memory of all of those who are fighting or who have fought a fight against breast cancer. You are not alone!

Why We Run:

Katie: In 6th grade, I lost my Nana (Mom's mom) to breast cancer. That was my first memorable experience losing someone so close to me to this awful disease. My Nana fought a long, strong battle against her cancer but ultimately lost her fight. Since then I have seen several others fight their battle, many of them now survivors. I cannot imagine what it is like to go though such an intense struggle, literally fighting for your life. These women are such an inspiration to me. They are mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and they still manage to live their lives after such a horrible experience. I run in hope that one day there will be a permeant cure for this and ALL cancers. I run to support the ground-breaking research that will one-day change medicine as we know it. I run for the survivors and those that are no longer here to tell their tales, but ultimately I run for my Nana. She still inspires me every day even when I can't see her.

 Julie: Although I don't have a close family connection like Katie, I believe that we all need to help raise awareness of why this cause is so important. Growing up, I had a friend in my ballet studio whose mom battled this terrible disease. It was heartbreaking to watch her go through chemo, but I saw firsthand how strong she was throughout all the treatment. Her battle inspired me to look at life from a different perspective, making me realize how valuable life truly is. Each and every moment is precious, and I race for those women who show strength and courage in the midst of this hardship. Birmingham has an incredible amount of support in raising money for this cause, and it is empowering to be around a community of people willing to give their time and energy to make a difference!

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