October 6, 2014

Family Traditions

Being away from our home states is certainly exciting as we explore this new area and new chapter of life, but it does make us reflect on our time growing up and times spent around family. Julie and I both traveled out of town this weekend for much needed time spent with family. Julie took off to Maryland to join her parents in visiting extended family up north. I headed east to Folly Beach, SC to spend time with my parents, grandparents and sister.

Folly Beach in October has become a recent tradition in my family. I love spending time at the beach and exploring the beautiful city of Charleston in the fall. After spending many of our summers and holidays on the NC coast, it is nice to have a new place to visit. A new tradition, only a few years old now.

Family traditions are something I love. Whether its decorating the Christmas tree while listening to the same CD of music year after year, Thanksgiving dressing cooked in the same pan passed down through generation after generation or a simple annual beach trip. It is nice to have these simple, yet memorable constants in our busy, busy lives.

Tradition is something that provides us with a source of identity. The term family is not just a term, but represents the collection of these annual memories spent in good company. Traditions strengthen our bond with our families; we are a part of something unique and special. Ultimately, traditions bring us comfort and security in our face-paced lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love my go-go lifestyle and all of the excitement it brings, but the simplicity and dependability of my favorite family traditions are comforting.

Maybe it’s the cooler weather bringing in the holiday season or just the comfort of a weekend back with family that has me with a sense of nostalgia. It is crazy to think we are ¾ of the way through 2014. These last three months will be full of traditions, both new and old. Julie and I will venture back to Chapel Hill for our first alumni Homecoming, my family will spend Thanksgiving in Florida this year (new location, same traditions) and Christmas will be spent in our childhood hometowns.

However, until then we are busy, busy with Birmingham happenings and work schedules. Nostalgia can only sweep us away from reality for so long!

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