October 1, 2014

October Line-Up

Thank goodness it's October, am I right?

Katie has been saying how much she's ready for September to end (yes, it does seem like a kind of blah month besides the start of football season) and October to start. The beginning of October always seems to put a spring in our step, and we're excited to see what this month holds in sweet Southern Birmingham. Although we won't be frolicking on Franklin Street dressed in costume attire this month, we're nevertheless looking forward to the relief from the heat, the tailgates we plan to attend and visits from friends. Happy October indeed.

One of my favorite quotes from a dear childhood book. Anne of Green Gables, we couldn't agree more.

1. Holiday Shopping. Yes, I said it. December will be here before we know it, so we want to get a head start on Christmas shopping for our family and friend before the crazy end of November/early December rush. We're big online shoppers, so we'll be keeping an eye out for sales and specials throughout this month! In college, we always seemed to wait until the last minute, after we crossed off all those exams. This year, we're hoping to be done before we head back to North Carolina!

2. Get back to reading. Both of us has taken a little break from reading books for pleasure, so we're hoping to do a little bit of that this month. It's about time we catch up on our summer book lists (yes, we're behind) and finally finish a few this month. I have to admit though, we'll probably go see Gone Girl in theaters before we get back to our book list.

3. Pumpkins, oh my. It's been a long time since Katie and I have been to a pumpkin patch, and that's a definite on our list this month. We're hoping to carve some pumpkins and even decorate a few with gold spray paint - keep an eye out for a DIY post later this month.

4. Closet organization. It's about time we sorted through our closets and changed out our wardrobes for fall. I don't know about you but my white jeans, sundresses and swimsuit cover-ups are still out in full force in my closet. We're both hoping to organize our fall attire and put away those summer items. As much as I hate to put away those summery prints, it's about time to make room for that fall suitcase still in the back of my car.

These are just a few things we have on our list for this month. We would love to hear, what are some of your October goals?

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