October 21, 2014

Nice, France

Located on the French Riviera, Nice is a seaside metropolis for tourists seeking gorgeous views, stunning architecture and exclusive art attractions. If you're looking for a place which has exquisite dining and a beachfront as well, this place should be on your bucket list.


The beach | You can't visit Nice without exploring its coastal waterfront. During the day, you can take a ride in one of the many luxurious yachts or sailboats surrounding the city (for a hefty price of course), but the experience would be one to remember. In the evening, buy a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down over the water - you'll definitely want to bring your camera along!

Promenade des Anglais | The promenade is Nice's seaside walk. You'll pass many grand hotels aligning the coast on your walk, run or bike ride, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy along the way.

The Old Town | The Old Town is a quaint, historic neighborhood where you can find everything from authentic French food to lovely churches and family shops. This area is also fun to visit late in the evening, when the nightlife picks up.

Cours Saleya Flower Market | Open 6 days a week, the flower market hosts not only beautiful blooms, but amazing local produce. Arrive early for the best selection with plenty of change and small bills.

Castle Hill | You'll definitely want to do some sightseeing here for a panorama shot of Nice and the "Bay of Angels." Although Castle Hill is more of a hill than an actual castle, it is worth climbing 300 feet of stairs for the view!

Museums | Among Nice's multiple museums, you'll want to stop by the Chagall Museum for its collection of stained glass and colorful, surreal artwork. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is another spot to spend your time, but interestingly, more travelers rave about the building's incredible architecture than its art collection.

In terms of dining, Nice has an abundant amount of fine restaurants, but be wary of tourist traps. Ask around and seek out those hidden gems! But make sure you grab a crepe or croissant from a local vendor on the street. One filled with Nutella and fresh fruit is sure to please, I promise!

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