July 6, 2014

A Creative Spin on Wedding Gifts

Like I stated in my bio, I love weddings. Every single thing about them - the months of planning involved, the color scheme decision, the bouquets, the dress (of course), the invitation calligraphy, the moments before the bride walks down the aisle, groom's cakes...I cannot even attempt to make a list because I love just about everything. My interest in the wedding industry really began when my best friend from high school got engaged my sophomore year of college. Since then, I haven't been able to stop reading wedding blogs and designing weddings in my head.
My friend Cameron and I at her May wedding 

This past spring, I interned with Southern Weddings, learning under the most incredible, inspiring women (on this planet, I'm convinced). From editing so many wedding stories, I learned more than I ever thought I would have about the wedding business. Go check out Southern Weddings if you haven't already! Trust me, you'll soon find yourself on their blog daily.

For those of you who still have more summer weddings to attend, here are my top five creative gift ideas that will go above and beyond the generic dishware and towel sets.

  1. Prints. I actually have this print in a card form that I received from the Southern Weddings ladies, that I then framed and hung in my room. I suggest choosing a color (like gold foil) which would easily match the couple's decor. Many Etsy shops can personalize with the couple's monogram as well. For my friend Cameron, I chose to frame burlap fabric with her and her husband's new monogram so that they could display it at their reception and in their home. There are so many amazing calligraphers out there who can can do custom work, so your print can truly match the couple's style and personality. 
  2. Two gifts, one present. I love the idea of pairing two gifts together, such as a Kitchen Aid mixer with a baking cookbook or a coffee pot with personalized mugs. If you feel like you should stick with the couple's registry, I would choose one item from the registry and add your own creative touch with the other gift, a gift that's not on the list.
  3. A coffee subscription. The coffee addict in me had to include this on the list. My older brother actually introduced me to Counter Culture Coffee's subscription service. You can select how you want your coffee roasted, packaged and then choose the frequency of the delivery. If the bride and groom enjoy a morning cup of coffee as much as I do, I know they would love the idea of fresh coffee coming right to their door for those first few months of marriage. 
  4. A recipe book. Especially if you are a part of the wedding party, or are very close with the bride or groom, I adore giving the couple a book of recipes passed down from your family. If you have the recipes written down in the original handwriting, even better. They can easily be scanned and then bound together. Another option is to write down your favorite recipes on cards and put them all in a recipe tin. This gift is sure to be one they treasure for years! I'm a fan of these recipe cards from Rifle Paper Co. - the citrus print is perfect for a summer wedding! 
  5. Entertaining glassware. If you have a pretty good idea of the couple's style, giving them glassware for special occasions would definitely make your gift one they remember. Entertaining glassware is not always something a couple would buy for themselves, but it is definitely useful for future parties and events the couple will host. Kate Spade currently has a beautiful line of glassware and barware, and you can't go wrong with the brand's classic and elegant style. For wine drinkers, I adore Kate Spade's stemless wine glasses - I actually received a set as a graduation present from a sweet friend, and Katie and I have already put them into good use!
Happy gifting (and happy Sunday!),


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  1. Awh I just saw this! So glad I could be an inspiration to you, you're a daily inspiration to me sweet friend.