July 18, 2014

Working Girl Must Have - The Perfect Work Tote

As working girls, an essential accessory we use every day is the perfect bag to tote everything we need for the workday. Planner, phone, tablet, laptop, notepad, wallet, water bottle, headphones, lip gloss, the bag has got to hold it all. It has to be fashionable, trendy, spacious, and able to withstand everything the workday may throw at us (including travel). Here are the top things you should look for in a work bag:

Durability: Your work bag should be able to hold all of your belongings and withstand regular wear and tear. Look for strong leather and be sure to spray the bag with a leather protectant. Check that the bag has double seaming and reinforced corners.

Structured: Work bags should be strong and stable. The clean lines and distinct shape are more professional that a slouchy bag. This look completes the confident, professional, working girl persona.

Versatile: You want a bag that can transition from office to travel to home and fit all the needs of these different locations. Shoulder straps and handles are both essential elements for versatility.

Worth Your Investment: Basically, you have to love it. Pick a bag that fits your style and your needs. Good, solid, fashionable bags tend to run at a steep price, so look at them as in investment. Pick a bag that reflects who you are and does everything you need it to do!

Check out a few of our favorite workbags that are perfect for the office all of the time!

Michael Kors - Large Hamilton Tote

Tory Burch - York Buckle Tote

Rebecca Minkoff - Hunter Satchel

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