July 1, 2014

Today's Blend

Welcome, friends! We are so excited to begin this journey together and travel it with you through our new lifestyle blog, A Cup of Carolina. What do you get when you mix two UNC Journalism School alumnae with a new apartment in Birmingham, Alabama? Well, three coffee pots, four different types of coffee (currently), two different types of tea and many, many, many new ideas. As new Birmingham residents, new college graduates and newbies to the professional world, we wanted to create something that allows us to share with everyone just what makes our coffee brew.

If there is one thing we’ve learned throughout our 20-something years of life, it would be that life is what you make it. Just like coffee, life can be a bitter at times (i.e. months and months of job searches). However, with a few added ingredients you can sweeten it right up! To us, a cup of coffee is a more than just a necessary start to the morning. For a brief moment every morning we take the time to gather our thoughts and prepare for the day accompanied by each other and a cup of coffee. It is our time of devotion. However, the definition goes further than that. Coffee is universal. No matter where we are or whom we’re with, coffee and that brief moment in time can be shared together. To us, that connection is the most important. As life takes us on a new journey in a new place, the single instant that connects us with each other (and with you!) reminds us that life is indeed sweeter than sugar.

We hope you will join us every morning over a cup of coffee as we talk through life. We will share with you our thoughts, ideas, experiences, troubles and triumphs. This blog is designed to remind us of everything we go through in life has an important value added, with a little taste of our opinion. Each day, one of us will be posting (some days even together), and we want you to indulge with us. Share your comments, suggestions and feedback! So for now, here is a brief introduction to us!

The College:

Where we met! We attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Our sequence was public relations. Side note: Freshman year, Katie was on track to be a biology major, and Julie thought she would be a reporter. As chance would have it, we both ended up studying PR.


The Sorority:

Okay, guilty as charged. We are sorority “sisters” of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Julie was President and Katie was Philanthropy Chair. Let’s just say that year of college we had our hands full.


The Hometown:

We are both North Carolina natives, though from very different places. Julie grew up in the capital city of Raleigh, while Katie spent her childhood in the small town of Reidsville.

The New Job:

What brings us to Birmingham? Well, that would be our jobs. Julie is an advertising/marketing fellow at Southern Living, and Katie is a public relations intern at Intermark Group. Ya have to start somewhere, right? That’s another bonus – follow along to see where we land full-time jobs! Trust us, we still work 40 hours a week.

So, now you have the basics! We want to use this blog as a way to introduce (or re-introduce for those family members and friends following along) you to who we are and how we got to where we are today. We are so excited for the opportunities that are ahead of us and cannot wait to explore this new chapter. Life is indeed very, very sweet.

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  1. Can't wait to read more! It'll be great to have some way of keeping up with you when you're so far away from me Jules, love you!