July 8, 2014

Travel Tuesday: North Carolina Coast

Ocean Isle, North Carolina
Each year during the week of Independence Day, my family and I travels to the North Carolina coast for a week of mid-summer relaxation. Between the fireworks, the endless games of bocci ball, the fresh fish and the long beach walks, this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Last week, I met my family and friends in Ocean Isle - a sweet little beach town about an hour or so from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Although I do love Ocean Isle, I can't pick a favorite beach town on the North Carolina coast - I love so many. If you're heading to North Carolina anytime soon, here's a list of my top picks to see and do before the summer flies by!

Ocean Isle / Holden Beach

Why I love it: Ocean Isle has it all. Activities for the whole family, a fun beach nightlife, great fishing spots and a gorgeous oceanfront and sound.
Favorite activities: Beach and boating during the day and local music at night. Go to the end of the island - it has less of a crowd and your boat can anchor down right at the sandbar!
Place to eat: Provision Co. and Sugar Shack. Dock your boat at Provision Co. and order the special - you won't be disappointed. At Sugar Shack, make sure you order the catch of the day. You'll love the Caribbean feel and fun atmosphere of this tiny place.

Beaufort / Morehead City

Why I love it: Beaufort is close to Atlantic Beach, and it has a rich history in North Carolina's colonial era. The streets are quaint, the stores darling and visiting always leaves me feeling refreshed.
Favorite bar: Jack's Waterfront Bar. Jack's always has great bands playing year-round for all you beach music and shagging lovers out there.
Brunch: Cox's Family Restaurant. Sausage gravy biscuits, sweet iced tea, omelets, hot cakes - need I say more?


Why I love it: Ocracoke is a charming little village with a population of under 1000. There's no commercial zoning on the island, so I always find it incredibly peaceful.
Favorite activities: Long bike rides around the island, visiting the lighthouse and exploring the streets  lined with white picket fences.
Favorite restaurant: Howard's Pub. The place has an ocean and sound view, amazing drink menu and their food is delicious, especially after a day in the sand and sun.


Why I love it: Wilmington is definitely one of my favorite Southern cities because like Beaufort, it also has a rich history. Gorgeous beach homes align the sound side, and I never get tired of taking a drive around the back neighborhoods.
Things to do: Walk "The Loop" in the morning before hitting Wrightsville Beach. The 2.45-mile stretch is perfect for enjoying the scenic beauty of the island. Also, if you have a chance to visit Carolina Yacht Club, go. The yacht club is a great spot to watch the boats go by and enjoy a glass of wine (or two).
Breakfast: Causeway Cafe. This little hole-in-the-wall spot is adored by both tourists and locals.

Wishing I was back on the coast,


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