July 31, 2014

Job Hunting - 10 Tips

I’m going to put it to you straight. Finding a job… it’s tough. The days of just relying on a nicely designed resume and well-written cover letter are over. Now you have to go to great lengths to connect with people at the company, impress the right ones and send up a few prayers that the right opportunity opens its doors. While I could almost narrow down my 10 tips into one (NETWORK), I have decided to still present my best 10 tips for landing your next job. Because trust me, I’m right there with you!

1. NETWORK. I cannot stress this enough. Seriously nine times out of ten it’s not what you know but whom you know (but yes you do need the skills to back it up too). If you are interested in a company, find someone to connect with. This is where LinkedIn is great. Cold call or email them. They will appreciate your enthusiasm and interest. Invite them to lunch or coffee to pick their brains for advice on how to get a job there. Ask them to put you in touch with someone in HR or pass your name along to others in the company. This is step one of finding a job, and it never really ends. In the business world you will always be networking. Develop this skill first and perfect it. You will be doing this for the rest of your professional life.

2. A unique resume and cover letter. With so many people applying to every open position, you want to have a resume and cover letter that stand out, prove why you deserve the job and make the employeer want to invite you to interview. There are tons of samples for stand-out resume designs and cover letters. Work up something that shows your professionalism and personality. Have a friend look it over for feedback too!

3. Think like the interviewer. Look at your resume and think, “Now what questions would someone have about my background and skills?” Think of different experiences you’ve had that could answer each question with an example that shows how you are prepared to handle this job.

4. Dress to the nines. Interview attire should be appropriate. Think – a step up from the company’s dress code. Have your hair neatly groomed, nails clean and outfit pressed. Employers will value your attention to detail when getting ready and also looking nice will bump up your confidence!

5. Firm handshake. Seriously, this is crucial. Look them in the eye and give a firm handshake. The handshake is a non-verbal insight into your personality and you want to come off as confident.

6. Be prepared for the weakness question. We’ve all heard of this one. “What are some of your weaknesses?” Be prepared to answer this questions eloquently and formulate an answer that has a positive spin.

7. Also be prepared to say why you are the best person for the job. Seriously. Have this answer planned and practiced. Give specific, concrete examples of why you have the experience and skills set to do this job and why that makes you the best candidate.

8. Have questions prepared for the interviewer. At the end they will open up the floor for questions from you. ALWAYS have questions prepared. Show you’ve done your research before the interview and have invested some time to learn more about them.

9. The handwritten thank you note. Write and send this as soon as you exit the building. Make sure you send a separate note to each interviewer and include specific things about your interview conversation to show you were engaged.

10. Say a prayer and don’t give up. The right job will come. If you are sticking to these tips there will be something out there for you! Just don’t give up, and continue to give it 110 percent. It will all be worth it!


  1. Great tips.....the right job is so close. Mom

  2. Thanks, y'all! We've learned a lot about job hunting the past few months :)