July 19, 2014

Guest Post: Meredith

Today we wanted to share a guest post by another fellow Birmingham Blogger. Check out "Floral Frocks" blogger, Meredith. 

i've always wanted to make macarons.

me, and everyone who has been on tumblr or instagram in the last five years..

not because they're the best tasting cookie that exists, but because they're pretty.

the internet has a love affair with these simple but delicate little treats. macarons are known as a terribly finicky, difficult cookie to make. they're sensitive to humidity, temperature and all sorts of other odd factors. regardless, i wanted to give this cookie a try. i learned a few things on my first attempt, but overall, i'm satisfied with the results!

beth & i had talked about making these for a while. when i spotted the "perfect macaron recipe" in food network magazine's may 2014 issue, i finally decided i had to try them. so beth & molly came over and we got to baking!

the recipe is a little long-winded, so click here to check it out!

the great thing about macarons is the versatility in regards to fillings. we chose lemon curd, seedless raspberry jam & a "blueberry cheesecake" mixture of cream cheese and blueberry jam.

here's what i learned:
  • the humidity really does matter. battling that in alabama is almost impossible - i accepted the macarons fate. some were cracked. others weren't. it's just a gamble you'll take. but i'd say if you have the choice, bake them on a non-rainy day.
  • add more food coloring than you think you need. don't load it up and make the batter too liquidy, but do get a bright, bold color going on. i was afraid to add too much and my blueberry cheesecake macarons came out a little dull.
  • baked at 300 degrees for 20 minutes, some of the macarons were slightly browned on the edges. definitely watch them and take them out before they get brown.
this recipe was straightforward and definitely the one i plan to use on macarons, round 2. stay tuned for that! i'm going to perfect these suckers!

have you ever made macarons?

"I'm Meredith! After graduating in from the University of Alabama in May 2013, I now live & work in Birmingham, Alabama. By night, I'm a blogger at Floral Frocks & co-founder of Birmingham Bloggers. I make a mean red velvet cupcake and welcome a glass of Pinot Grigio even when it's 20 degrees out."

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