September 6, 2014

Decadent Fruit Granola Parfait

Fruit-granola parfait is a pretty popular breakfast item, mid-morning snack or afternoon pick me up. It is healthy, filling and blissfully tasteful. So, in my recent obsession with parfait and attempt to cut out as many sweets as possible, I created a snack I love.

As simple as it is to make your favorite fruit-granola parfait, this one extra ingredient provides the sweet indulgence you need without totally breaking your diet.

The Recipe:

1 handful of crunchy granola (I prefer the honey kind, but would also recommend peanut butter)
2 dollops of plain or vanilla greek yogurt
1 small dollop of Nutella
Topped with your favorite fruit (I highly recommend strawberries or blueberries to best compliment the Nutella, but anything will do!)

Simple as that. One little dollop of Nutella turns your favorite parfait into a non-diet busting treat. It is seriously the perfect way to curb those sugary cravings.

Have another secret ingredient you use? We'd love to hear it! Share in the comments below!

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