September 22, 2014

Rose Golde Jewels

Instead of today's Monday Musing, we wanted to share about a local jewelry line here in Birmingham. Enjoy!

Last Thursday, Katie and I had the pleasure of going to Bustle Gowns in Birmingham (a GORGEOUS wedding gown boutique) for a trunk show hosted by Rose Golde Jewels.

Katie picked out the black arrowhead necklace - perfect for wearing to Alabama games! - and I picked out the black and grey quartz necklace. We both went the more neutral route, although we loved some of Rose Golde's more colorful pieces. She even has a college tassel earring line, and we are swooning over the crimson tassels (Roll Tide) and the white tassels (Go Heels). All the jewelry is handmade (meaning each piece is unique) and created in Homewood, Alabama.

Here are some of our favorite picks from her line...

1 comment:

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