September 5, 2014

Must-Have Maxi Dresses

There are several great looks that are perfect for a summer-to-fall transition wardrobe. One of our favorites is the maxi dress. You can dress any maxi dress up with belts, long necklaces, sweaters and more. They are cool enough for the warmer days, but the length makes them perfect for fall weather as well. There are several different maxi dress styles that flatter several different body types. We've got our favorite styles and the best way to wear them. When you're out stocking up on your fall wardrobe this weekend, make sure you add in a maxi dress!

Maxi Dress style in Istanbul, Turkey
The Empire Waistline: This style is best for a petite body type. Even if in flats, the higher waistline adds height! Look for a solid color and prints that aren't too bold to achieve an even longer look.

The Color Block: Look for a color block maxi that has a darker toned skirt with a lighter top. This style best suits girls with wider hips. The darker color on the bottom will help achieve a slimmer appearance.

The Cinched Waist: This can be a maxi dress with a full skirt that has the waist gathered, or you can add a belt. This style best suits girls with an hourglass shape. It helps to accentuate your curves in just the right way! Feel free to explore with a fun pattern or a solid color.

The V-Neck: This style is absolutely stunning! It works well for girls with a busty chest, as it balances your curves well.

The Fitted: Great for a longer/leaner body type. The fitted style will make you look even longer! Feel free to try out different colors, stripes and patterns!

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